What makes a top sales person?

Many of our Clients are highly capable engineers. They have either started a business or taken forward an enterprise based on their technical and entrepreneurial skills…..but most are not sales people.

Top Sales PersonTechnical selling is both a science and an art. Here are some of the critical attributes that a top quality Sales Engineer must demonstrate:

  • Integrity – generating trust is vital when expecting people to buy your services or products
  • Honesty – goes with integrity as essential and very demonstrable. Our Clients must sense this attribute from the outset of the business relationship.
  • Reliability – doing what you promised to do and on time is a rare but critical attribute of the top sales people.
  • Technical competence – you don’t need to be a rocket scientist but you must understand the technical essence of what you offer.
  • Empathy – identifying what makes your customer tick is something that the best technical salespeople must be able to see. It can be about appearance, presentation, good manners, directness, formality, engagement…….
  • Clarity and command of English – without a first class ability to write down what you mean, you will miss half of the communication skillset necessary to succeed.
  • Communication knowhow – whether it’s text, email, telephone, social media or face to face….. knowing and being able to effectively use all the communication tools helps a lot.
  • Experience – Knowing how to win comes from practise, preferably in the sector being attacked.
  • Energy – We don’t need boyracers but nor do we want worn out sales people. The best way to put this is that a good sales person offers a blend of efficiency, action and success driven activity, all of which gets the best results.

We understand what makes a top gun at Vision (SME) and our associates strive to offer all our Clients these qualities and skills.

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