Technical Sales and Marketing Projects

Many small and medium manufacturing businesses lack sales resource or are preoccupied with servicing existing customers rather than devoting time to new prospect generation. Technically qualified and professionally trained sales people are very expensive and Vision (SME) Ltd offers short term campaign resource to generate new opportunities.

The product offering of some businesses may have an application in a different field. Before investing in significant resources, a trial campaign will support a go/no go decision. Vision (SME) Ltd conducts market diversification research campaigns to identify interest for either, new products into existing sectors or current products into new sectors.

Independent feedback from existing clients will help the business to further strengthen its relationships and find new opportunities. Vision (SME) Ltd makes contact, conduct surveys and assess the feedback, technically and commercially.

Vision (SME) Limited offers cost effective short term and interim technical sales engineering resource. A typical hands-on 10 day sales/marketing campaign can include the following actions:

  • Identify the strongest features of a product offering. These may include life expectancy, performance against competitive products, documentation support, service support, training and lifetime value, scope of manufacturing
  • Profile the supported Business’s ideal customer in terms of size, application and location. Complete a SIC code analysis to allow identification of future prospects.
  • Build email and letter models to support a campaign.
  • Identify potential target prospects and make direct contact where possible, at the appropriate level to speak to decision makers.
  • Survey current customers to assess performance feedback.
  • Direct positive contacts to supported Business’s web site and trigger the dispatch of sales collateral to the contact from supported Business.
  • Document all contact results and processes applied for future use, including the list of target customers by telephone, email, address, job title and named contact.
  • Provide written summary of feedback from all contacts made.
  • Train Business’s personnel:
    • to build further contact lists,
    • how to extend the initial campaign
  • Provide the Business with immediate follow-up information and feedback on hot opportunities which become apparent during the project.
Technical Sales and Marketing Projects
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